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"...the melodies are suddenly extremely moving."
«du kan si at verden kanskje ikke trenger flere tolkninger av dette her. Men man havner i likevekt umiddelbart under hans lyrisk trippende utforskning av verdens fineste sang, «Blackbird», allerede som første sang.»
-Audun Vinger, Dagens Næringsliv
"Following Iberg’s musical wanderings can be fascinating, touching and sometimes surprising."
-Dave Gelly, The Guardian




The Black On White Album

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Artist on the album: Listening to the Beatles in my childhood and early youth left lasting impressions. Their style of melody and harmony were as fresh and challenging as their attitude and concepts. No doubt they revealed groundbreaking ideas in the field of popular music. But whereas (for example) Stevie Wonder's ingenious song treasure is strongly woven into his advanced harmonies and iconic grooves, The Beatles' song portfolio is more accessible to artistic intervention and stylistic challenges. My re-creation of some iconic songs has jazz- and classical inspired ideas, but relies upon the melodic "naïveté" needed to safeguard the music's deep human appeal. The songs themselves are evergreen and alive, but can in this context only be justified by musical measures that should surprise and delight – preferably without being “artful”.

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