The Nidaros Concert - OUT NOW!

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It took Espen Berg 20 years of preparation to improvise a one and a half hour concert. This performance gave him international recognition when released in October 2022 and his new album is now ready.

When Espen Berg sits down at the grand piano, a continuous flow of music arises. He calls the method spontaneous composition - a form of improvisation. Life's unexpected twist gave Espen Berg the emotional depth he needed to convey something behind the grand piano. "The Nidaros Concert" follows up his critical acclaimed improv-debut, "The Trondheim Concert".

The album will be released on March 31st on NXN Recordings. The date of publication is commemorative about a little person who passed away on the same date. A demise that is processed in the music.

Everything - Out now

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New single from Gabriela Garrubo is out today!

Everything is the second single from upcoming album Rodando by Gabriela Garrubo. Once again her incredible voice highlights an exciting musical blend coloured by influences from jazz, Brazilian 80's music and modern pop.

Solace - Out Now!

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Christina Sandsengens debut album as a classical composer is out now!

The album highlights her technical skills and invites the listener on a personal musical journey from dark and light, grief, passion, and pain.

Norwegian Nocturne - Out now

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Andreas Ihlebæk´s solo piano piece, Norwegian Nocturne is out today! This is a part of a fairytale triology, that will be completed with "The Rabbit" in a few weeks. All art work drawn by Veronica Jensen.

Tov & Django - The Distance - Out Now!


The Distance is a piece of modern rock and pop art created by duo Tov Ramstad and Django Novo. Centered around the cello playing of Tov and Django's vocal they have managed to build a new exciting sound around well-written lyrics giving the listener a deep cinematic experience. To further expand their sound they have invited a selection of brilliant musicians to add trumpet, keyboards and harmonica always with carfeulness and true to the duo's vision.  

Bismaksvals Out Now!

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Anders Lønne Grønseths Mulitverse releases a new single from the upcoming album today!

Composed for the band Multiverse using the band's trademark concept of tonality called The Bitonal Scale System. The song builds on a melodious, waltz-like theme wrapped in ambiguous minor-ish harmonies. Improvised solos on trumpet, saxophone and piano respectively, take the piece through shifting nuances of a sweet kind of melancholy.

Morgenland single out now

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Electronica collective Morgenland have already worked with Andreas Ihlebæk on several releases making new versions of his beloved pianotunes. There Was A Time Reworked has given the track new surroundings and the piece is placed in the middle of nature so to speak with beautiful sounds and effects to underline and strengthen the lovely melody.

Great review in Aftenposten!

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5 out of 6 and a great Review for Kjetil Husebø's new album in Aftenposten!

"The time has come for Kjetil Husebø"

"One of my favorite things is all the details that move inside the soft and fluctuating."

"After having greatly appreciated Kjetil Husebø's music for many years, I am not surprised to hear what he does on "Years of Ambiguity". He connects maturity with creativity in an especially strong way."

- Arild R. Andersen, Aftenposten

Vinter - Out now

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The new piano piece «Vinter» by Andreas Ihlebæk is a warm and nostalgic homage to bright childhood winter days. Listen and take a light, snowy trip down memory lane.

Years of Ambiguity - Out today!

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On the album Years of Ambiguity, experienced composer and jazz artist Kjetil Husebø has created music at the crossroads between ambient, drone and jazz. The grand piano has been replaced with synthesizers, samplers, electronics and programming. Internationally renowned musicians Arve Henriksen (trumpet) and Eivind Aarset (guitar) collaborates with him on several of the tracks.

The moods on the album is cinematic and full of contrasts, alternating between being minimalistic and maximalist, sometimes light, sometimes dark. Musically oriented towards huge sonic landscapes, abstract sounds but also with a sense for melody.