Bangkok Lingo´s new album Out Now!

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Tomorrow’s Finally Here is the second long play album from the energetic jazz band Bangkok Lingo. The quintet’s programme brims with high-octane rhythmic drive and intense solos, as well as laidback grooves and delightful melodies, and they have established themselves as a sought-after act on the Norwegian live scene. Tomorrow’s Finally Here was inspired by both legendary 60s jazz, swing and world music, all performed with excellence and joy.

Available on LP and CD.

The Trondheim Concert - Out now!

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Five years after releasing his second solo album, Acres of Blue, Espen Berg decided to do a fully improvised piano concert and a live recording. This one-taker is a culmination of years of development, reflection and research. The music created in the moment reflects his emotions in a profound way, and every time he play it’s different. Every second of music is unique, and it feels like an endless resource both musically and spiritually. The Trondheim Concert is recorded at Dokkhuset.

Kjetil Husebø - Inhale - Out Now

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Inhale is the first single and the opening track from upcoming album by Kjetil Husebø. Created in coop with sublime guitarist Eivind Aarset and trumpeter Arve Henriksen you're invited into sonical luxury.

Sketches of Norway - Out Now


Sketches of Norway is a digital album, and the follow up to Magnar Karlsen's 2020 album Circles. Described as an exciting journey through ambient and adventurous soundscapes Circles reached listeners across the world. On Sketches of Norway Magnar continues to explore new sounds and rhythms using his live-set up of keyboards, effects and drums, often played in realtime. Magnar is also a skilled photographer, and there will be released videos relating to the album.

Til Johannes - Out Now


Espen Berg's remarkable early works consists of two solo piano albums, which will be released by NXN in December 2022. Til Johannes is the second single from the Espen Berg debut album Noctilucent

Natsukashi - OUT NOW!

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Marius Gjersø - Natsukashi: Shadows are falling - Out Now! 

Natsukashi is the second single from upcoming album Yûgen by artist Marius Gjersø. Inspired by Japanese culture and way of being he creates wonderful soundscapes for his elegant trumpet lines.

More Like You - Out Today


Following up Locked Down Loneliness, the second single from Maria Brym is a dreamy and wonderful pop song in a modern soundscape. Her songwriting skills shines through and the slightly 80's inspired production makes you feel you're hearing something brand new, yet familiar.