Espen Berg - Folketone

Espen Berg photo

Folketone is a track from Espen Berg's debut album Noctilucent, originally released in 2011 by Aklang. NXN Recordings are proud to re-release Espen's early pianoworks, and Folketone is the first single. Inspired by Norwegian nature and folk music, Folketone is a moving and beautiful piece.

Erland Dahlen Remix out today


Erland Dahlen was approached by artist Bjørn Charles Dreyer to re-think, re-make and remix the track Entirety for Guitar, Electronics and Orchestra from Dreyer's innovative album Time and Mass. This is the impressive result.

My idea of music is that the power is in the understated, the contemplative. But, when I ask someone to remix it, my music reaches a new potency level. Here is a compelling remix by an artist that I respect a lot, Erland Dahlen. - Bjørn Charles Dreyer

5 Stars to Espen Berg!


Rave review in UK Vibe!

"What we have here, is quite possibly one of the finest improvised solo piano performances I have had the pleasure of listening to in the last decade or so."

"This is so good, brilliant actually. The music I’m listening to for the first time is stunning."

Shinrin Yoku Out Today!


The first single from trumpeter Marius Gjersø's debut album is out today! Mesmerizing and cool Nordic sound with electronics, samples and trumpet which paints a broad and intriguing landscape. 

New Single from Ingi Bjarni


When Holiday Really begins is the first release from Ingi Bjarni on NXN Recordings. His open approach to music and influences from jazz traditions, nordic folklore and electronics fit perfectly to the "Nordic Cool" sound embraced by the label. 

Treehouse out now

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Treehouse is the final single release connected with the grand concept album Hidden Soul of the Fjords by American composer and producer Winter Lazerus and Norwegian singer and songwriter Heidi Torsvik. Even though not included on the double album it captures the spirit and beauty of the saga and could serve as an extension of the fourth movement.

Rain.Shine Solo Piano

Andreas Photo

The solo piano version of the piece Rain. Shine written by Andreas Ihlebæk is out today. Released as a single earlier with careful instrumentation and voice from Swedish artist annasara, you can now hear the piece in its original shape.

"The Distance Between Us" OUT NOW


The Distance Between Us is the first single from the new album by Tov Ramstad and Django Novo. Their music is rooted in dramatic, cinematic rock from the past 50 years, and through patient studio work they present their compositions with excellence.