After - Out Today!


After is the second single from "Solace" by Christina Sandsengen, her debut album as a composer. The album contains a wide range of emotions, and After is a caressive and mellow tune inviting to the listener into contemplation and melancholy. 

Marius Gjersø - Yûgen - Out Now!

Yugen cover

Maius Gjersø´s beautiful atmospheric jazz album, Yûgen, is out today!

Before Marius Gjersø started producing Yûgen, he traveled around Japan, where his encounter with Japanese culture, manners and aesthetics made a big impression. On his return to Norway, these impressions from the east remained very much alive for him, and became a major influence on the album. Nine soulful pieces of electroacoustic improvisation lay a perfect foundation for his exquisite trumpet lines. Combining improvisation with melodic, ambient and minimalistic electronics, he creates a musical space to really embrace. Yûgen is his debut album as a solo artist.

Reconciliation - Out now


Reconciliation is the second single from the album Years of Ambiguity by artist Kjetil Husebø. The track is a naturesque, ambient piece created by Kjetil and guitarist Eivind Aarset.

let nothing happen - Out today

cover photo

Following up their first single The Distance Between Us, and building up to the album release March 2023, the duo Django Novo and Tov Ramstad release Let Nothing Happen. Driven by the cello of Tov Ramstad and the voice of Django Novo the track is a lovely take on how to create modern rock and pop music.

Stars Out Now!

Gabriela Garrubo

Gabriela Garrubos beautiful first single, Stars, from her upcoming debut album is out today!

Gabriela Garrubo is a Norwegian-Brazilian jazz singer who studied at the Grieg Academy in Bergen. In 2021 and 2022, she has worked with producer Vetle Junker (Aurora) on her debut album "Rodando". Together they have found a quirky balance with a modern and fresh sound that at the same time gives retro associations. The music combines Scandinavian jazz and 80s Brazilian music. The lyrics, in both English and Portuguese, are about finding yourself and finding strength in a chaotic, unfair and hurtful, but also beautiful, world.

Gabriela Garrubo - Stars

Cover photo

We're so excited about releasing Stars, the first single from Garbiela Garrubo's upcoming album, Rodando! 

Her music is a thrilling mix combining elements from ScandiJazz and Brazilian popular music from the 80's, all framed in a modern sound produced by Vetle Junker.

Christina Sandsengen - Solace - Out Now!

Cover photo

Christina Sandsengen is an experienced guitarist and already has several recordings to her name. NXN Recordings are proud to introduce Solace, the first single from her new album that marks her debut as a composer. When playing her own repertoire she shows more of her personality, and the pieces resonates a spectrum of emotions such as fear, despair and darkness but also light.

Re-release of Acres of Blue


Acres of Blue is the second album in a series of two re-releasing Espen Berg's remarkable early works, originally released on Aklang. Espen has grown to become one of the most influental pianists on the Norwegian and European jazz-scene, constantly touring with different projects including his own piano-trio and his duo with singer Silje Neergard. NXN are proud to highlight this gem of a piano album, and present it to new listeners.