Great review in Aftenposten!

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5 out of 6 and a great Review for Kjetil Husebø's new album in Aftenposten!

"The time has come for Kjetil Husebø"

"One of my favorite things is all the details that move inside the soft and fluctuating."

"After having greatly appreciated Kjetil Husebø's music for many years, I am not surprised to hear what he does on "Years of Ambiguity". He connects maturity with creativity in an especially strong way."

- Arild R. Andersen, Aftenposten

Vinter - Out now

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The new piano piece «Vinter» by Andreas Ihlebæk is a warm and nostalgic homage to bright childhood winter days. Listen and take a light, snowy trip down memory lane.

Years of Ambiguity - Out today!

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On the album Years of Ambiguity, experienced composer and jazz artist Kjetil Husebø has created music at the crossroads between ambient, drone and jazz. The grand piano has been replaced with synthesizers, samplers, electronics and programming. Internationally renowned musicians Arve Henriksen (trumpet) and Eivind Aarset (guitar) collaborates with him on several of the tracks.

The moods on the album is cinematic and full of contrasts, alternating between being minimalistic and maximalist, sometimes light, sometimes dark. Musically oriented towards huge sonic landscapes, abstract sounds but also with a sense for melody.

Melt into the bright lights - out now!

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Perfect new 80s inspired single for your weekend playlist! "Melt Into The Bright Lights" by Maria Brym is out today!

This is the third single from the upcoming album by Maria Brym. Her songs have a remarkable signature mixing melodic finesse and a grand pop-sound that nods to the epic songs of the 80's. 

Ingi Bjarni - Farfuglar - Out Now!

Album Cover

Icelandic pianist Ingi Bjarni´s new album, Farfuglar is out today!

Coming from Iceland and traveling around the Nordics and Northern Europe to both perform and find new musicians to play with, he has created a fine blend of musicians from different countries to complete his musical vision. His music is clearly inspired by jazz traditions and nordic folksongs, still he has a distinct own sound. Farfuglar is proof to that.

After - Out Today!


After is the second single from "Solace" by Christina Sandsengen, her debut album as a composer. The album contains a wide range of emotions, and After is a caressive and mellow tune inviting to the listener into contemplation and melancholy. 

Marius Gjersø - Yûgen - Out Now!

Yugen cover

Maius Gjersø´s beautiful atmospheric jazz album, Yûgen, is out today!

Before Marius Gjersø started producing Yûgen, he traveled around Japan, where his encounter with Japanese culture, manners and aesthetics made a big impression. On his return to Norway, these impressions from the east remained very much alive for him, and became a major influence on the album. Nine soulful pieces of electroacoustic improvisation lay a perfect foundation for his exquisite trumpet lines. Combining improvisation with melodic, ambient and minimalistic electronics, he creates a musical space to really embrace. Yûgen is his debut album as a solo artist.

Reconciliation - Out now


Reconciliation is the second single from the album Years of Ambiguity by artist Kjetil Husebø. The track is a naturesque, ambient piece created by Kjetil and guitarist Eivind Aarset.