Anders Lønne Grønseth Multiverse

Multiverse Photo
There is a great contrast between free, moment-based improvisation and complicated compositional structures, but it is precisely in the meeting between these that Anders Lønne Grønseth and  Multiverse has created a tonal language based on intuitive interaction, communication and musical openness. According to Ayurvedic tradition, each individual represents his own universe, or microcosm. Multiverse is the idea of ​​parallel universes; in this case five personal, musical microuniverses which in interaction form a multiverse of impulses. The band has a clear jazz approach to the music, although the songs are just as likely to lean towards classical modernism with references such as Ravel and  Messiaen or Eastern improvisation principles from India or the Middle East. The music is performed with great improvisational freedom and close interaction between the musicians who in their own way have proven to be strong representatives of the Nordic jazz of today.