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Chloe's Midnight Feast

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Andreas once asked his friend Chloe about memories from her childhood. She told him that as a child, the kids would sometimes be awakened in the middle of the night, and taken out into the living room. There the candles had been lit, and the table set. For a midnight feast.  In an almost dreamlike state, imagine a long table filled with wonderful food, candles, people you love

– and music. 

​There are fairy tales – and then there is real life. But there is also something in-between. Chloe's last name is Dahl. Grandchild of Roald Dahl. This piano piece Chloe's Midnight Feast was inspired by the images that Chloe put into Andreas’ head, and it is dedicated to Chloe and Roald, in gratitude for the magic that he received from the both.