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"What we have here, is quite possibly one of the finest improvised solo piano performances I have had the pleasure of listening to in the last decade or so."
-UK Vibe
“Impressive stuff – the future of spontaneously-improvised solo concert is in safe hands.”
Stuart Nicholson, Jazzwise
«It’s mesmerizing. It’s beautiful. The Trondheim Concert is an amazing feat.»
Tim Larsen, Jazz views
"An intelligent and highly trained musician with an enormous musical simultaneous-capacity is required to be able to play these large lines. In the more extravagant parts of the concert, my jaw drops to the floor with excitement for the virtuosity.."
Jazznytt (NO)
"The tones pearl elegantly, captivate the listener, provide variety between fine melodies and powerful chord layers, without sounding too pleasing."
GoodTimes, DE
"limpid lyricism seems reminiscent of Jarrett in his prime".
Record Collector, UK
"A brilliant musical journey that thrives on the spontaneous invention of strong melodies, but does not shy away from melancholic or heavy atonal passages.
Jazzthing, DE




The Trondheim Concert

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Five years after releasing his second solo album, Acres of Blue, Espen Berg decided to do a fully improvised piano concert and a live recording. This one-taker is a culmination of years of development, reflection and research. The music created in the moment reflects his emotions in a profound way, and every time he play it’s different. Every second of music is unique, and it feels like an endless resource both musically and spiritually. The Trondheim Concert is recorded at Dokkhuset.

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