Front cover
A piano album of neo-classical excellence
Deutsclandfunk Kultur, GER
Lovely...his piano play flows like droplets
Jazztheke Magazine, GER
A highly moving listening experience
Österreich 1, AUS
Northern Lullabies is the antidote to stress and noise
Jazzthing Magazine, GER




Northern Lullabies

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Norwegian composer and pianist Andreas Ihlebæk is releasing his solo piano album debut. After the release of pop/soul album “the Guest” German press including Bild, Stern and Jazz Thing reacted with rave reviews for the album and his performances. Back in Norway Andreas wanted to explore a more naked and warm soundscape and turned to well-known Norwegian folk tunes and lullabies. Growing up in Hamburg and later San Francisco Andreas found calmness and identity playing and improvising these familiar tunes. Northern Lullabies has become a tender and sweet listening experience for late evenings and nights.

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