Helge Iberg


Helge Iberg, contemporary composer and pianist is an original and genuine voice in Norwegian cultural life. He moves effortlessly between the scores of contemporary music and the modern landscapes of jazz. His worklist includes orchestral works, solo concertos, chamber music, opera, songs and musicals. Helge Iberg is concerned with culture and humanism, as a musician, but also as a writer of books, essays and articles. His piano style reflects the jazz musician’s spontaneity and the composer’s respect for form and expression.

Helge Iberg has been honored universally for several of his projects, such as Norwegian Music Publisher’s Price 2020, Spellemannprisen (Norwegian Grammy Award) 2019, Work of the Year NOPA 1991, PRIX ITALIA 1990, and nominations for the Edvard(Grieg)Prize 2020, 2016, 2000, and nominations for the Norwegian Grammy1994 and 1991.