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Inspirational ambient project with meditative sound diamonds between David Lynch, Yann Tiersen and Daniel Lanois
Eclipsed, GER
The fact that they never get lost in freakout noise or sink into post-rock standards on The Long Journey makes their album a delicate, bitter affair between semi-acoustic ambient and electronica, GER
It covers everything from extremely delicate, very filigree passages to slightly threatening drones the album covers a wide spectrum
Beat Magazine, GER
Long player worth listening to ... which has what it takes for a long journey in the player.
Beat Magazine, GER
Somewhere between minimal music and world-ambient, it swirls like a musical mandala until the piano and guitar work out a beautiful atmosphere
FAZE magazine, GER
Everything seems well-tempered, very relaxing and meditative - but also demanding with cross tones and rhythms
FAZE magazine, GER




The Long Journey

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“We wanted to play around and improvise”, says Thom Hell, “capture spontaneity and whims, share them via Dropbox to see what inputs and reactions came back from the other two”. Together with Vidar Ersfjord and Jørn Raknes, the three of them collectively known as the group Mr. Mibbler, he has come up with a kind of music that digs for gold in bits and pieces of musical driftwood, elusive thoughts and ideas, and immediate reactions to each other’s ideas.

Weeks of sending pieces of music back and forth saw new melodies and harmonies coming together and forming a whole, an album. This is the Long Journey

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