The giant instruments suit each other in a remarkable way
RB nett, NO
The unusual combo of these two instruments gives a sonical uniqueness
HörBar, GER
It's a whirlwind of bass and sophisticated sounds
HörBar, GER
The combination of the Nordic Sound and the sound of the world is truly special. So Great!
HörBar, GER




Desert Lighthouse

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Organ and tuba - not the most common ensemble - but a very exciting soundscape with unexplored sound possibilities. Organist Magnus Moksnes Myhre and jazz tuba player Daniel Herskedal met for the first time as students at the music conservatory in Trondheim, and the duo have now created a completely new vibe with their Desert Lighthouse. The sources of inspiration are many, and they meet in their common fascination with the oriental tonal language. Coverart by Bendik Kaltenborn.

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